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About Us

Our Belief:

We believe that Muslims, especially New Muslims, should have easy access to Islamic information without getting confused or lost in the process.

Our Mission:

To spread the true message of Islam in a truly inspirational way.

Our Goals:

1) To Simplify & communicate the true teachings of Islam : Principal and Practical
2) To Help Strengthen unity among Muslims: Portray Islam on a common platform
3) Promote Interfaith relations & dialogue: Clear misconceptions of the faith & encourage dialogue

Site Plan:

We hope to cover all areas of Islam on our site. We've categorised the faith into the following sections and sub sections.

1) Principal beliefs

  • One Lord
  • Angels
  • Holy Books
  • Prophets
  • Day Of Judgement
  • Fate
  • Life After Death

2) Pillars of Worship

  • Faith (Remembrance of Allah & Sunnah)
  • Obligatory Prayers
  • Alms & Charity
  • Pilgrimage
  • Fasting

3) Daily Essentials

  • Personal hygiene
  • Health & Diet
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Wealth & Livelihood
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Entertainment
  • Verbal Decorum

4) Social Conduct

  • Human, Plant & Animal Rights
  • Moral Character
  • Business etiquette
  • Islamic Law
  • Security & Defence

5) Special Occasions

  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Annual Holy Days
  • Eid Celebrations
  • Divorce
  • Death

Apart from the above site plan we are developing a paid membership area to offer a unique set of resources never previously available. For instance we are developing an e-portfolio which will be used by our members to document their learning and practical progress whilst also providing a host of online books and interactive reources not available anywhere on the web.

How you can help:

We would like to liaise with those who would like to advertise or run a "microsite" on our domain to help us cover our initial staff and hosting expenses. Your help and support will allow us to continue to provide an excellent free service to Muslims across the globe.

Remember us in your Duas.

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