Beliefs Allah


A1.2 Allah (The Exalted) is one.
A1.3 He is Pure, He is Unique, He is free from faults.
A1.4 He is the compilation of all qualities and excellence.
A1.5 No one in any thing is equal to Him or is level with Him or higher than Him.
A1.6 In his qualities of attributes He has always existed and will always remain.
A1.7 Eternity is only for His self and His attributes.
A1.8 Except Him, whatever exists hasn’t been there always, but in fact has been created by Him.
A1.9 He is from Himself meaning no one has created Him.
A1.10 He is not a father of anyone, nor a son, nor does He have a wife nor any relations. He is self sufficient from all this.
A1.11 He is not dependent of anyone on any matter and all are dependent of Him.
A1.12 To give wealth, to kill, to give life are all in his control.
A1.13 He is the Master of all, He does whatever He wishes. Nobody can challenge His order. Without His will, a grain does not move.
A1.14 He is aware of all things hidden, shown, what has happened and what is going to happen, there is not the slightest thing that is outside His knowledge.
A1.15 He has created the world, the universe, and every single creation in existence.
A1.16 Everyone is His servant. He is more beneficent towards His servants than a person’s parents.
A1.17 He is the One who forgives sins and accepts one’s repentance. His hold is so strong that no one can escape without His willingness.
A1.18 To give one respect or disrespect is in His control. Whoever He wishes He will give them respect, whoever He wishes He will give them disrespect.
A1.19 Possession, fortune and health are in His control, whoever He wishes He grants wealth, whoever He wishes He grants health.