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The belief in Angels (Malaika) is the second article of faith in Islam. Allah says:

“The Messenger believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers. All believe in Allah, His Angels and His Messengers.” Quran (Surah 2: Verse 285)

Angels are creations of light.

They do not have desires of their own, neither do they eat or drink. They are honoured servants of Allah, and never disobey Him.

They are perpetually in service, in prostration, in a standing posture, or through various other forms of worship.

They have been given the strength by Allah (The Exalted) to turn into whatever shape or form they wish, whether it be of a Human or another creation.

Angels are unable to go against the order of Allah (The Exalted), purposely or by mistake, because they are “Ma’soom” infallible and are pure from all types of sin; small or large.

“…They do not disobey Allah in what he commands; they do precisely what they are commanded” (Quran Surah 66: Verse 6)

Allah (The Exalted) has given many types of duties, some angels have a fixed duty of taking out the soul, some to give rain, some have been given the task to create the face of a child in the mother’s womb, some to write the deeds of an individual, some to do a particular type of duty, others to do another type of duty etc.

Angels are not male or female.