Existence of Allah Existence of Allah

Knowledge about the Existence of Allah

(1)  knowledge of the existence of Allah.

Is there any doubt about Allah, the Creator of heavens and earth (14:11)?

(2) Second Principle: Allah is eternal.

He has no beginning and no end. He is the final of everything and was before everything, living or dead.

(3). Allah is everlasting without end. He is the first and the last, the open and the secret.


(4) Allah is without form not occupying any space and free from space, motion and rest.

(5) Allah is not confined within a body nor does he have body parts.

(6) Allah has no length and breadth as these are attributes of a body which is an originated thing.

He existed by Himself before all originated things and there wasnobody along with Him. He is All knowing, Almighty, Willing creator. He is not like any worldly thing, rather He is ever-living, ever-lasting and noting is like Him.

(7) Allah is not confined within any direction as he created direction, either above or below, right or left, front or behind. He created two directions for man, one rests on earth called the direction of feet and one above his head. What rests above head is above and what rests below
feet is below. He created for man two hands, one right hand and another left. Accordingly there is right hand direction and the left hand direction. Then there are front direction and back direction. When direction is an originated thing, how can He be governed by that ? Along with the creation of men, directions have been created. There is nothing above Allah, because He has got no head and the word ‘above’ is connected with head. There is noting below Him as the word ‘below’ is connected with feet and Allah has no feet. If He is above the world, there is a direction opposite to it and every opposite thing has got a body like it or similar to it. But Allah is free from it. He is unique, He is the Designer.

(8) Allah is seated upon His Throne, that is upon power. It is not inconsistent with the attribute of His grandeur and the symptoms of origination and annihilation. This is what is meant by the following verse of the Quran : Then He ascended to heaven and it was then but smoke — 41 : 10. It means his dominion and power. The people of truth accepted this interpretation as the people
of untruth were compelled to accept the interpretation of these words of Allah : He is with you wherever you are (57:4). This
means that He encompasses everything. This is supported by the
following Hadis : The hea ‘ of a believer in is with two fingers of
the Merciful,’ meaning within His power or might. It is also
supported by the following Hadis : “The Block stone is the right
hand of Allah in the earth,’ meaning it is established on honour in
the earth. If its meaning is taken literally, the result would be
impossible. His taking rest on the Throne means this. If it is taken
literally, it becomes possible to believe that He has got a bod v and
the Throne is also a body limited by space. It is impossible.

(9) Ninth basic principle. It is that although Allah is free from
form, space and direction. He is an object to be seen in the hereafter as He said : On that day shall faces beam with light looking towards their Lord — 75 : 22. He is not visible in this
world as Allah said : Vision does not comprehend Him, but He comprehends vision — 6 : 103; also because of the following verse: Allah addressed Moses saying : You cannot see Me — 7 : 139. 1 don’ t  understand how the Mutazalites hold that Allah is visible in this
world also though Moses could not see Him. Insight is a kind of
Kashf and knowledge, and Kashf is more clear than knowledge.
When Allah has got connection with knowledge and not with
direction, He has got connection also with insight without any
direction. As Allah sees His creation though not in front, the
creation also sees Him though not in fornt. As it is possible to
know Him without modiality or form, it is also possible to see
Him likewise.

(10) Allah is one without any partner, single without any like. He is unique in every new creation, innovation, and invention. There is nothing like Him. The Quran says : Had there been any other Allah therein, they would have gone to ruin — 21 : 22. If the first Allah willed something, the second would have been compelled to him. This means that he would have no supreme power. If the second is to oppose the first, he would be powerful and the first would be weak rather than an Almighty Allah.